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Der Begriff „vyana“ wird z.B. in diesem Zusammenhang verwendet: list includes Prana (inward moving energy), apana (outward moving energy), vyana (circulation of energy), udana (energy of the head and throat), and samana "intellect", the ego, the Prana (life force), the Apana, the Samana, the Vyana and the Udhana. Sun is the manifested principle behind all the five sense tanmatras of the five tanmatras combine to form the five pranas – prana, apna, vyana, udana and samana; the individual rajasik aspects of tanmatras combine to S.N.Pete Ashirvaad School in Radio Park Vasavi School in Infantry Road Vyana Vidyalaya in Vidyanagar BEST School and PU College, off Hospet Road at includes five systems - Prana (respiratory system), apana (excretory system), vyana (circulatory system), samana (digestive) and udana (reversing system). Influences breath: Prana (respiration), Apana (evacuation of waste from the body), Vyana (blood circulation), Udana (actions like sneezing, crying, vomiting etc one hundred nāḍikās. For each of these there are thousands more. In these Vyâna moves." 3.7 "Through one of these, the Udâna leads us upward by virtue of (fire of elimination, outtake, removal of waste products from the body), Vyana (fire of circulating energy), Samana (fire of assimilation), and Udana (fire (प्राण). Which has five fold functions, Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana. The five sensory organs, the five organs of action, the five vital airs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin) the Five Pranas or vital breaths (vyana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu, apana vaya, prana vayu) the Mind (manas) distribution of breath within the body Samāna, associated with digestion Vyāna, associated with excretion of waste A millennium later, these concepts were parts are Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana. Prana is upward breath, Apana is downward breath (exhale). Vyana holds the Prana and Apana in balance, giving different stages of breathing, and they are named Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana, Naga, Kurma, Krikara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya. These affect the Nadis category of souls. These were: The animating force (ahu) The breath of life (vyana) Mind or spirit (manah) The soul (ruvan, Avestan urvan) The protective spirit essential to a living body ("Vital airs" of Prāṇa, Apāna, Uḍāna, Samāna, and Vyāna), five rudimentary principles of perception, and the faculties of knowledge menstruation, sexual discharges etc.) Located between the navel and the anus. Vyana Vata - Governs circulation, heart rhythm, locomotion. Centred in the heart act incessantly in the body. These life forces are Prana (respiration), Vyana (blood circulation), Samana (digestion), Apana (excretion) and Udana. The Vīne (Latvian)*, Viyana (Turkish)*, Vjenë (Albanian), Vjenna (Maltese), Vyana (Azeri), Wean (local Viennese, Austrian and Bavarian dialects)*, Weiyena necessary eight syllables. These are prana, apana, vyana. Again in Taitt. Up. i. 5. 3, prana, apana and vyana are identified with the Vyahrtis, i. e. bhus, imtahanları verərək bir başa II kursa qəbul olunmuşdur. 2006-cı ildə Avstriyanın Vyana şəhərində Vokalçıların V Beynəlxalq müsabiqəsinin seçim turunun Juri nümayəndəsi currents that are responsible for the body's functioning. They are: • Apana • Vyana • Udana • Prana • Samana Of relevance to this topic, is the life current it is located in the chest region and controls speech and intellect 3] Vyana – it is situated in heart and controls all the voluntary body movements concept, check it out. Take a look at the nr 5 in the dosha article: 5. Vyana Vata - Governs circulation, heart rhythm, locomotion. Centred in the heart


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