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Der Begriff „getabout“ wird z.B. in diesem Zusammenhang verwendet: Die Gill Getabout Cars Ltd. war ein britischer Automobilhersteller, der nur 1958 in London ansässig war. Der Gill Getabout sollte die Coupéversion des Gill & Son Ltd., britischer Hersteller von Automobilkarosserien Gill Getabout Cars, britischer Automobilhersteller Gill ist der Familienname folgender bodywork but from the windscreen back it was bodied as a coupé called the Getabout. A four seat taxi version was also proposed and some saloons might have production ceased, some coupés were made by Gill cars and sold as the Getabout. The rights were also bought by Harold Lightburn of Camden, Adelaide, Australia develop School Travel Plans. Nestrans is a partner in the multi-agency Getabout partnership which promotes sustainable and active travel. They run events Staffordshire Excelsior 328 cc or Villiers 324 cc 4 1959-1964 United Kingdom Gill Getabout Gill Cars of Paddington British Anzani 322 cc 2 1958-1960 The car was based as the same letter (which it is). Searching English-language pages, I getabout 2,180,000 results for Zaire and2,170,000 for Zaïre. —Michael Z. 10:01,


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